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Terrence Higginson, New York City

 "When my 84 year old father went into a long term care facility here in New York City, it was very difficult for all of his children and grandchildren to visit him and witness his deterioration at the hands of the medical staff. The nursing home doctors and nurses did not perform many of the basic treatments that one would expect in a facility that cares for the elderly and infirm. Simple things like keeping him hydrated, feeding him, changing his diaper and keeping him clean, taking his temperature - these things often went overlooked. He developed an infection and ultimately died a painful death of sepsis over the course of several months. The nursing home staff negligently delayed transferring him to a hospital so that when he finally arrived at one, his condition was hopeless."

"We hired Sinel & Associates, PLLC to handle the case. The insurance company for the nursing home refused to offer even one dollar in settlement. Elliot Sinel was our trial attorney and our whole family watched the jury trial unfold for two weeks. Watching our lawyer cross exam the defendant doctors and nurses and exposing their neglect in the care for our father gave us all a great sense of satisfaction. The jury awarded us a tremendous sum of money and we all felt vindicated. Although my father lost his life and suffered a great deal, we all know he had his dignity restored so he can now rest in peace."



Ana Brugeras, Queens, New York

 "My elderly father was in a nursing home facility after he had suffered a fractured hip and had surgery. The medical staff failed to prevent very severe pressure sores from developing on his lower back. The wound deteriorated, got infected and he was forced to undergo surgical procedures in an attempt to repair what had become a large gaping hole in his back with dead tissue. He lost a tremendous amount of weight due to the fact that the nurses were not providing him with proper nutrition and hydration. The medical staff caused an overdose by giving him too much coumadin. The overdose resulted in my father needing a full blood transfusion. After months of suffering, my sisters and I witnessed his body succumb to his poor condition and he passed away before our eyes."

"The medical experts that Sinel & Associates, PLLC hired to review all the medical records informed us that there were gross departures in the standard of care. We learned that the doctors and nurses failed to implement the most basic of care plans to prevent the development of pressure sores and neglected to provide him with available pressure relief devices. Before the case went to trial, Elliot Sinel convinced the insurance company for the nursing home to pay us a large award. My sisters and I always knew that the medical negligence caused my father to suffer. The settlement gave us a feeling that the facility finally acknowledged their wrongdoing. My lawyers displayed a terrific balance of sensitivity with my family and aggressiveness with the defendants.



Lester Cole, Manhattan, New York

 "Sinel & Associates, PLLC handled a very tragic medical malpractice case for me. My wife died in my arms after she was sent home prematurely from a local hospital. It was discovered during the litigation that a vascular surgeon noticed a dangerous infection after my wife had undergone bypass surgery in her leg. Rather than keeping her in the hospital, the surgeon discharged her and she literally bled to death in our home. I was originally hoping to settle the case, but the lawyers for the doctor and hospital informed us that their surgeon preferred to fight it out in court, and therefore the case had to go to a jury verdict."

"After a jury finding against the doctor we were awarded a large sum of money. It didn't bring my wife back but I know she was watching that trial and now she can rest in peace. I could not have been more impressed with Sinel & Associates, PLLC and how they brought closure to my family in a very difficult situation."



David Williams, Bronx, New York

 "My mother was seriously injured in an automobile accident that occurred out of state. We originally hired a family lawyer that handled some other matters for us. It was not long before my brothers and I realized that the lawyers for the insurance company were much more sophisticated and were outspending and out maneuvering our lawyer. I then went to Sinel & Associates, PLLC, where I met the senior trial attorney and partner. After discharging my other lawyer and hiring Sinel & Associates, PLLC, the case changed dramatically. It was a complicated accident involving a car rollover, seatbelt issues, and the ejection of the occupants. The medical issues in the case were complicated because my mother suffered the type of head trauma that is difficult to see on a test. After hiring the top experts and handling the litigation with great detail, the case went to trial because the insurance company and the defendants did not offer enough money."

"After the jury was selected, Sinel & Associates, PLLC negotiated with the insurance company and got us a multi-million dollar award. My mother can now get the necessary medical treatment that she was not able to afford, and she is gradually improving. She took her first real vacation in thirty years. My family could not have been happier with the aggressive, sophisticated representation provided by Sinel & Associates, PLLC"



France Perez, Queens, New York

"While I was a paralegal in a prestigious law firm I knew many lawyers and was familiar with their reputations. When I had my own problem, I turned to Elliot Sinel, the Senior trial partner at Sinel & Associates, PLLC."

"I had made many visits to my own doctor with various complaints. I learned from my attorneys that my doctor had ignored many obvious symptoms and failed to timely diagnose the cancer that was spreading in my body, it was called Hodgkin's Lymphoma disease. After years of treatment, my cancer is now in remission. The doctors and their lawyers took the position that I would have had cancer anyway and that they were not to blame. With all my years of legal experience I never thought I would end up in my own trial testifying before a jury. My attorney was meticulous, intelligent, and had an exceptional demeanor with the judge and jurors. When the Jury verdict was returned in our favor I hugged my lawyer and cried. It wasn't just the money that was so satisfying, it was being in the Courtroom with the doctor and their lawyers when the Judge told them the jury found them responsible."



Rosetta Grey, Brooklyn, New York

"My adult son was beaten very badly by Police Officers for no good reason right on the street near our home in Brooklyn. We had lived in the same community for many years since we came to this country from Jamaica. Since there was a lot of crime in the neighborhood, the police would mistakenly bother a lot of innocent people. They thought my son was a criminal and they beat him with nightsticks and arrested him for charges that were dropped. Sinel & Associates, PLLC sued the City of New York and the New York City Police Department. The City refused to settle and my lawyers took the case to trial. At the trial, all of the police officers kept changing their stories."

"When the jury verdict came in for $2,000,000 against the Police Department and the City of New York, I felt justice was finally served. I sat and watched the trial team of Sinel & Associates, PLLC for two weeks and I was proud they were my lawyers."



Rafsan Choudury, Queens, New York

"I contacted Sinel & Associates, PLLC after I learned that my young child had an elevated level of lead in his blood. They educated me on what lead poisoning was all about and how it can affect my son. They hired a team of environmental experts that tested my apartment and found that there was very high levels of lead in the peeling paint which was all over our residence. Sinel & Associates, PLLC brought the owner of the building and the management company to court and won a large award for my son. Now I don't have to worry about saving for his future."



Colleen Bary, Esq., Manhattan, New York

"I am an attorney practicing with a large Manhattan law firm. I know many lawyers I could have turned to when my mother was injured in an automobile accident, but I needed one that possessed the quality of being a skilled trial attorney and yet sensitive to my mother's passive personality. Elliot Sinel at Sinel & Associates, PLLC, was my choice. My mother was not even sure she wanted to proceed with the lawsuit, and she certainly never expected she could bring herself in to testify in front of a jury. She became comfortable enough and did exactly that after the insurance company offered a very small amount of money."

"The jury returned a favorable verdict and one of the highest soft-tissue injury awards in Westchester County. Having participated in and having observed the trial, I truly feel that the superior lawyering by Sinel & Associates, PLLC was the critical advantage that enabled us to succeed."



Ezrie Wright, Queens, New York

"I lost my nineteen year old son in a fatal car accident when he was pushing his friend's disabled car and another car slammed into him. We hired a law firm that handled the case for fifteen years and was unable to get the matter to trial or negotiate a settlement. After all that time, we hired Sinel & Associates, PLLC and discharged the other law firm. The case was placed on the trial calendar immediately and we had a jury trial because we felt the insurance company was not offering enough money to settle."

"The trial was a very difficult experience as we listened to the insurance company lawyers say that my son's death was his own fault. When the jury verdict was read, not only was there a large financial award, but we were comforted to hear that the defendant driver was found to be 100% responsible for the accident and death of our son. It took many years, but now my wife and I have some closure, thanks to the lawyers at Sinel & Associates, PLLC."



John Kallas, Suffolk County

"I severely injured my knee while I was walking on my landlord's property and fell due to a dangerous condition on the front walkway. I hired Sinel & Associates, PLLC and they not only referred me to terrific doctors, but in the litigation they sued both the landlord and the contractors who created the dangerous condition. Just as the trial was about to begin, both insurance companies put together a settlement package which resulted in a large award to myself. My lawyers were knowledgeable, aggressive and professional."